Caught in the North Wind,

It wonít drag me down.

Dead leaves are falliní

Snow all around.

My thoughts turn to summer,

So far from here.

Yet I treasure this moment,

And hold it so dear.


For this moment connects

To the finish and start,

Of the moment before

And one still in my heart.

Each one has a meaning,

A lesson to bestow,

In whatever I may do,

Wherever I may go.


I canít live for tomorrow,

Or dwell in yesterday.

Iíll stand where I am,

And live for today.

Cherish the moment,

Every morsel of time.

The sad and the joyful,

The cruel and the kind.


Head down to the river,

Take it real slow.

Cool and easy,

Gently I go.

Walk in the sunshine,

Walk in the rain.

My face to the wind,

Donít feel any pain.