This ship will sail tonight,

Bound for the open sea.

A path of uncertainty, steals you away.

And from the anchored shore,

On solid earth we stand,

With banners and marching bands

To bid you farewell.


You sail the storms, to the beat of drums.

Charging with muskets drawn,

Eyes filled with rage.

The flag waves high, in a blood filled sky.

And the people cry, “take war away,

Take war away.”


This ship will sail tonight,

To the land of another face.

A different race, strange to you and me.

You go with prayers filled of,

Your undying love,

To the one above who shows you the way.


Do we see no choice?

We act as we’ve done before,

March to the call of war.

Is this our destiny?

Is there some other path,

To human harmony?

And who has the wisdom

To see the road we must take?


From the highest ridge, hoping to see at last,

A glimpse of a distant mast, sailing our way.

So we await the time,

Ttil you are home once more,

Back to familiar shores, safely we pray.


Take war away. Take war away.

Take war away. Take war away.