I stopped to rest along a country road.

Kicked my shoes off,

Stretched my achiní toes.

I held my dreams cupped inside my hands.

Let them loose to fly away,

High above the land.


I watched them sail

To a brilliant swirling light,

Above the clouds that held me,

So fearful of the night.

And like a bird I let my spirit fly,

Free to soar on heavenís wings,

Far up in the sky.


Sail away my dreams,

Precious as you are.

Sail away my dreams,

To a brilliant shining star.


Dark clouds cover up this world we love.

Beyond the cloud

The sun shines high above.

And not through war will peace be realized.

The wisdom of the sages

Will open up our eyes.


I see a world where children laugh and play,

Lifting all our troubles, brightening the way.

This vision grows; I see it in my mind,

An age of harmony for all of humankind.