Trains.  The distant sound of whistles,

I think itís getting louder every day.

They say itís cominí through here,

Theyíll take my home away,

But if they try someoneís gonna pay.

Lord, Iíve never sinned,

A peaceful man Iíve been,

Liviní by the book in every way.

But when they came this morniní

For the land my daddy claimed,

I looked them in the eyes

And said with pain.


Iíd rather be an outlaw,

If I leave this life behind.

Iím not too good at being mean,

Iíve always acted kind.

If I was an outlaw,

With two guns set to fight.

Raisiní cain, I know your name,

And Iíll get you in the night,

Ridiní high, ridiní high, ridiní high.


They held me at gunpoint,

And forced me off my land.

They set the cattle loose,

And the house aflame.

I fled up to the mountains,

To the top of Devilís Hill,

There I swore my vengeance

On those trains.

Stayed awake that night,

Made plans to set things right.

How much do they think a man can take?

Iíve always held my dignity,

Fought for what belonged to me.

Thought again Ďbout the words

I told those men.


The train pulled out next morning,

Headiní down the track,

Gaininí speed and rolliní round the bend.

No one saw me waitiní

With that stick of dynamite.

No one ever saw that train again.

Now Iím on the run, liviní by my gun,

Hidiní from the law day to day.

And even if they stop me

With a bullet in my heart,

Someone else will look at them and say.