I traveled down an old dirt road,

Endlessly it did unfold.

Through town and country it did go,

And places no one seemed to know.

Beyond the railroad line,

That road did wind.

Every twist and bend,

Extending without end.


Through meadows filled with daffodils,

It wound its way up every hill.

Down and up it went again.

Still that dirt road wouldnít end.

Behind a waterfall, along a canyon wall,

Into a cave to hide,

Then it found its way outside.


Into a forest thick with vines,

Knarly trees of every kind.

It traveled on no end in sight,

Turning left and turning right.

It narrowed in one spot,

Then suddenly it grew a lot,

Wide enough for five,

To stroll together side by side.


I walked for quite a while,

Unaware of yard or mile.

I even lost the count of day,

Traveling on this long parade.

The season changed from hot to cold,

Walking down the old dirt road.

Summer heat and winter snow,

On I went heel to toe.


Then a thought occurred to me,

On this journey of infinity.

With each step will I grow old,

Walking down the old dirt road?

It wanders on eternally,

While me Iíll surely cease to be.

As my bones decay with time,

The old dirt road will twist and wind.


I quickly stopped my lively gait,

Turned around to head home straight.

Then I had a fearful thought,

Will I still age upon this walk?

Does it matter where I go,

Walking to or fro?

Iíll age either way,

Or if I choose this spot to stay.


Once again I turned around,

Walking to a cheerful sound.

With new resolve I took pursuit,

Traveling on this endless route.

More excited than before,

Adventures to explore.

My soul not young or old,

A traveler on the old dirt road.