Praise the soul so unafraid,

Who walks the path where dreams are made.

Stands alone in space and time,

Space and time.

All things change, come and go,

Victims of the ebb and flow.

The wise rejoice and look within,

Look within.


Where are we going now?

Are your eyes opened wide?

Speeding through the universe,

Where galaxies collide.


A tiny speck is all we are,

Moving through the distant stars.

Who has eyes to see the way,

See the way?

For illusions shape reality,

A drunken hazy fantasy.

Who will point the way back home,

The way back home?


Fairy tales and history

Hidden in antiquity,

Lost beneath the shifting sand,

Shifting sand.

Opinions form and take a stance

Inflexible, intolerance.

Who is right and who is wrong,

Right or wrong?


Sifting through the mysteries,

Ages of mythology.

Dogma bites us on the hand, on the hand.

Walls are built and lines are drawn,

A tribal way to carry on.

We’re drowning in a cosmic sea.

You and me.