Colors rush in, tumble in space,

Leaving a void in its wake.

The hour draws near,

But the clock doesn’t toll,

No needs, no fears, no cold.


Moon beams fall on autumn night,

As we dance, as we dance.

Moon beams fall on autumn night,

As we dance the dance of life.


The seasons turn,

As a wheel when it spins,

Changing from end to begin.

Life’s but a dream, for all that we know,

The union of flesh and soul.


There’s no chill in the night,

Though the winter moves in,

We huddle together friend to friend.

The joy that is felt, begins in the heart,

A new dawn, a new start.


The ancient Essenes, taught us to pray,

Opening eyes to the way.

They buried the truth, coded in scrolls,

Waiting the time to be told.