I got so excited, starin’ out my window,

Lookin’ at a rainbow sky.

A gentle breeze brought the

Fragrance of a garden,

That appeared before my very eyes.

I walked into a world, I thought I knew.

Wonderin’ “Have I been here before?”

Checkin’ my senses was I in a dream?

Or like Alice, have I found a magic door?


Is there more to all we see,

In what we call reality?

A tiny shift, a quantum change

Moves you to another lane.

Takes you to a different plane.

This crazy reality.


A sound was heard from a distant universe,

And in response an echo sympathized.

Nothing had changed,

But nothing was the same.

All the galaxies were synchronized.

A unicorn danced near a huge waterfall

Rising 10,000 miles in the air.

Life all around was shimmering

And breathing.

A joyous celebration was declared.


Spreading his wings, bursting unrestrained,

Pegasus flies above the land.

And the Silkie only plays in the Orkney Sea,

But somehow all the world he understands.

So I wandered around all through the night,

Seeing clearly for the very first time.

It occurred to me in a moment of light,

This world has always been mine.